Visual Activ’ Scientific Commitee


Dentistry Degree at Dental Faculty of Paris V in 1985

Listed on the national registry N°924701402

Specialized Diploma in Bio-materials

University Degree in Calcified tissue, bio-materials and implantology

Doctorate in Dental Surgery

Odontology degree in Paris

University Degree in Medical, surgical and implantory Geriatrics

University Degree in Complete prosthetics.

Member of a certified association

Doctorate in Dental Surgery

Expert for the Paris Court of Appeals

University Degree in Corporal Damage

Master’s Degree in Medical Law

Expert on the national medical accident’s experts’ list.


Doctorate in Sciences (Paris V)

Doctorate in immunology

University Degree in vtroretinal surgery

Practices in Hospital (Hotel Dieu Hospital Paris)

Member of the French Ophtalmological Society

General Practitioner


Listed on the national registry N°924701402