Visual Activ‘ in the press

Educational videos for your patients in the waiting room !

To manage a schedule and evaluate the time it takes to perform a consultation is no easy thing. As practitioners we all want to reduce waiting times for the patient and the stress that they can feel before a medical appointment.

Article in the French Weekly Magazine LE POINT

Visual Activ’ Orthodentist : a media library dedicated to children and adults alike

A media library containing over a dozen clips for children and adults alike is at your disposal through an app.

EDP Dentaire – Specialized Dental Magazine

A media library for patient information

Visual Activ’ proposes explanatory videos conceived for dental practice patients. Mathieu Rouppert, CEO of Substances Actives, tells us about their latest news and their soon to be realeased orthodontic products.

Indépendentaire – French Dental Practice Management Magazine